Where to get Coffee in Magic Kingdom

Are you a coffee enthusiast who needs a caffeine hit while navigating Magic Kingdom? Here is a list of all the coffee shops located near the park.

Taking a break from herding kids all day can be tough, that’s why I made this list so you can quickly determine the best spots to go for some coffee. Whether you want it hot, cold, or with an added boost, you’ll know where to head for your favorite coffee beverage.

Discover the best spot for a cup of coffee with Mickey Mouse or just the place with the least amount of waiting for your coffee break.

To simplify your search for those favorite coffee shops at Magic Kingdom, I have organized them into different areas and have provided a downloadable Magic Kingdom map that shows each one’s location.

For each of the coffee shops, I have indicated the corresponding number from the Magic Kingdom map alongside the cafe’s name.

Main Street USA Coffee Locations

In the Main street USA area, which is located at the park entrance, there are 5 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. Tony’s Town Square

Located at position 7 on the map.

Joffrey’s hot coffee (Disney coffee) only is served here. Be careful not to burn your taste buds.

2. Main Street Bakery

Located at position 6 on the map.

Disney Starbucks has amazing coffee choices with hot coffee, iced coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, flavored coffee, and more.

3. Casey’s Corner

Located at position 2 on the map.

At Casey’s Corner, you can get Joffrey’s hot coffee.

4. The Plaza Restaurant

Located at position 4 on the map.

Grab either Joffrey’s hot coffee or iced coffee.

5. The Crystal Palace

Located at position 3 on the map.

Also sales only Joffrey’s hot coffee.

Tomorrowland Coffee Locations

In the Tomorrowland area, which is located past the right of the main entrance, there are 3 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. Tomorrowland Terrace

Located at position 74 on the map.

Another place for Joffrey’s hot coffee.

2. Joffrey’s Revive Kiosk

Located at position 72 on the map.

Grab a variety of coffee drinks with Joffrey’s hot coffee (of course), iced coffee, flavored coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, and more specialty coffee.

3. Cosmic Ray’s

Located at position 69 on the map.

Serves Joffrey’s hot coffee only.

Fantasyland Coffee Locations

In the Fantasyland area, which is located in the back of the park, there are 7 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. The Cheshire Cafe

Located at position 55 on the map.

Both Joffrey’s hot coffee and iced coffee.

2. The Friar’s Nook

Located at position 57 on the map.

This place has assortments of coffees with Joffrey’s hot coffee, iced coffee, and flavored iced coffee.

3. Cinderella’s Royal Table

Located at position 50 on the map.

You can only get a Joffrey’s hot coffee.

4. Pinocchio Village Haus

Located at position 51 on the map.

Either Joffrey’s hot coffee or iced flavored coffee is served here.

5. Gaston’s Tavern

Located at position 53 on the map.

Gaston’s Tavern only has Joffrey’s hot coffee.

6. Be Our Guest Restaurant

Located at position 52 on the map.

Be our guest for a cup of Joffrey’s hot coffee.

7. Storybook Treats

Located at position 56 on the map.

Treat yourself to a storybook and a Joffrey’s hot coffee.

Liberty Square Coffee Locations

In the Liberty Square area, which is located at the center of the park, there are 4 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. Columbia Harbour House

Located at position 35 on the map.

Only Joffrey’s hot coffee is served here.

2. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Located at position 37 on the map.

You can get a Joffrey’s hot coffee, iced coffee, or flavored iced coffee.

3. Liberty Tree Tavern

Located at position 33 on the map.

Joffrey’s hot coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos are served here.

4. The Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant

Located at position 34 on the map.

This restaurant serves Joffrey’s hot coffee only.

Frontierland Coffee Locations

In the Frontierland area, which is located at the back left of the park, there are 2 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

Located at position 28 on the map.

Another place to grab Joffrey’s hot coffee.

2. Westward Ho

Located at position 29 on the map.

Joffrey’s hot coffee, cold brew, and flavored iced coffee can be found here.

Adventureland Coffe Locations

In the Frontierland area, which is located past the left of the main entrance, there are 2 coffee shops to try.

They are:

1. Sunshine Tree Terrace

Located at position 18 on the map.

Only Joffrey’s hot coffee here.

2. Skipper Canteen

Located at position 19 on the map.

Also only Joffrey’s hot coffee here.

Things To Consider

When selecting your favorite coffee location, there are a few factors to consider. Since it’s a busy park with many people, you may have to be prepared to wait in line, potentially sit outdoors, and bring a lid-secured coffee mug to avoid any accidents.

Wait Times

Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. You may have to wait a bit when you order that hot cup of Magic Kingdom Coffee! The wait time is typically around 15 minutes for your fresh cup of joe. Please be patient and enjoy the ambiance of the castle while you wait.

Savor Your Coffee Outdoors

Magic Kingdom’s park has some beautiful places to sit and enjoy your coffee outside while your favorite Disney World characters roam around. You might even see Mickey Mouse on your coffee break.

Many of the restaurants and cafes have seating outside in the shade. Get a good view of Cinderella Castle without the sun beating down on you while enjoying your coffee break.

Bring Your Own Travel Mug

Sometimes you can’t rest and relax on that coffee break like we know you’d like to. The kids want to be on the move, and that means you are too. Bringing a container with a sealed lid that won’t spill your Disney coffee can be a wise choice.

Disney parks are always packed with people, making it easy to bump into others. Having your own mug is the best way to stop the coffee from spilling onto you, people you don’t know, or your children, or even Mickey Mouse.

My Favorite Places For Coffee At Magic Kingdom

My favorite place for coffee at Magic Kingdom has to be the Main Street Bakery. It’s the perfect first stop after entering the castle gates, and it’s sure to give even the sleepiest of parkgoers a much-needed jolt of energy for the long day ahead.

Gaston’s Tavern is my favorite coffee place. It only has Joffrey’s coffee, but the atmosphere makes it worth checking it.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, The Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland is a great choice. There’s usually a line here, but the amazing coffee is worth it. Plus you get to choose from a variety of fun seasonal flavors.

No matter which spot you choose, all the coffee options will be sure to give you the pep you need to tackle the rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom!


Magic Kingdom has several places to grab a cup of coffee. This coffee guide was made so you can maximize your experience at Magic Kingdom, as there are so many coffee places that it would be impossible for one person to try them all in one day.

Sipping coffee at Walt Disney World is almost like going on a calming journey to an unexplored destination. It may just be the rest you have been searching for. Coffee enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy the occasional cup can all find something they like here.

Let us know your favorite place for coffee!