Disney World Coffee

When you visit Disney World and need a cup of coffee as you explore the parks, you’re not just limited to Starbucks. The parks, entertainment areas, and outside of the parks offer lots of different coffee options for Disney World coffee lovers.

Disney World Coffee Types

At Disney World, you can get a variety of different types of coffee such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Mocha, Macchiato, French press, Pour over, Cold brew, Iced coffee, Drip coffee, Decaffeinated coffee and also specialty coffees and seasonal drinks like LeFous Brew and Joffrey’s Cold Brew.

Disney World Coffee Locations Entering the Parks

If you can’t wait until you get inside any of the parks, the good news is that there is a Joffrey’s Coffee located outside of every theme park.

  • Animal Kingdom – Joffrey’s located right at the entrance
  • Animal Kingdom – Joffrey’s also close to the entrance
  • Epcot – also close to the entrance
  • Magic Kingdom – Joffrey’s is located near the transportation ticket center

If you’re not a fan of Joffrey’s coffee like me, you’ll have to stave off those coffee jitters until you get inside of one of the parks!

Disney World Coffee Locations Inside of the Park

In each of the parks, there are too many coffee shops to list in one article, so I wrote separate articles on each park’s coffee shops. I have even highlighted all the different coffee options for you in tables so you know what types of coffee are sold in each location that sells coffee!

Just click on the theme park you want to get coffee at below and you’ll get ever coffee option in the park and where to find it!

Epcot Coffee

Click to learn more about all the different coffee locations in Epcot!

Magic Kingdom Coffee

Click to discover all the coffee options at Magic Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom Coffee

Click to explore the various coffee spots at Animal Kingdom!

Hollywood Studios Coffee

Click to find out more about the coffee options at Hollywood Studios!

Disney Springs Coffee

Click to learn about all the coffee locations at Disney Springs!

Ordering Coffee at Disney World

You can expect a wide range of prices for coffee at Disney World depending on what you order. While wait times vary by location and time of day, baristas are fast and will have your drink ready in no time. The baristas are also pretty accommodating and allow you to customize your order even though they are busy.

Coffee Promotions and Discounts

Disney World often offers promotions and discounts on coffee, such as buy one get one free deals or discounted refills. Keep an eye out for the promotions and signs offering deals of the day. And don’t forget to ask the baristas if they have any coffee deals or promotions on offer right now.

Places to Drink Your Coffee

It’s hard to pick just one coffee shop at Disney World. There’s a variety of atmospheres and ambiances to choose from. There are some that serve grab-and-go coffee, and others where you can sit and enjoy a cup. I’ve included the best coffee spots in each theme park so you don’t have to walk around looking for a relaxing place to drink your coffee.

Taking Coffee Inside of the Parks

As long as it’s not in a glass bottle, you can take hot coffee into the Parks! You can fill your flasks and mugs up with coffee and bring them with you. Make sure your coffee mug seals well and is good quality.

Disney World can be crowded, and I’ve had people hit up against me when I’ve been trying to take a sip of a brew in the past. So be careful. And remember, you can’t bring in those coffee creations you buy in glass bottles in convenience stores like Frappuccino’s or other coffee types in glass bottles. They will get confiscated at the gate.

Final Thoughts

I hope this helps you understand the coffee options at Disney World so you can plan to get your caffeine fixes as you enjoy your day moving around each park.

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