Disney World Umbrella Policy 

It’s no secret that it rains a lot at Disney World. If you don’t have the appropriate rain gear, then you could end up having a miserable day navigating through the park!

Let’s discuss Disney World’s umbrella rules if there are any and how to stay dry while navigating the park and on rides if it’s raining.

In This Article:

  •  01. What Is Disney World’s Umbrella Policy?
  •  02. Umbrella Types Allowed
  •  03. Storage of Umbrellas on Rides
  •  04. Purchasing Umbrellas Inside of the Park
  •  05. Umbrellas VS Ponchos?

01. What Is Disney World’s Umbrella Policy?

A park-goer can bring an umbrella to Disney World, but umbrellas are not allowed on rides. Disney recommends using ponchos instead of umbrellas to prevent getting wet on Disney rides.

02. Umbrella Types Allowed

Umbrellas of any size are welcome, but a smaller umbrella is best since large umbrellas make navigating through crowds really difficult.

03. Storage of Umbrellas on Rides

While riding any attraction, umbrellas must be stored in one of the storage lockers in the park. It’s a pain to have to put your umbrella in storage, every time you go on a ride. For that reason, ponchos are a great alternative to umbrellas because they do not require storage.

04. Purchasing Umbrellas Inside of the Park

Umbrellas are available for purchase in many shops inside the WDW theme parks. But being Disney-themed, these umbrellas are usually not cheap, so you’d be paying a premium to stay dry inside the park! I suggest you bring your own umbrella instead to save money.

Don’t be concerned if you’re caught in the rain without an umbrella or poncho inside any of the theme parks. Walt Disney World has covered walkways and queues at most of its rides. So if it starts raining, there are lots of places you can go to stay dry.

05. Umbrellas VS Ponchos?

Umbrella Pro’s

Umbrellas are handy because you can protect more than one park-goer from the rain. Also, holding the umbrella over your head helps stop your backpack from getting wet. Umbrellas are also great for protecting you and your children if it becomes too sunny as you navigate the park. And unlike ponchos, umbrellas tend to keep your face dryer than ponchos!

Umbrella Con’s

Umbrellas may protect park-goers from light rain, but they are ineffective against strong winds. Park-goers with an umbrella may also find it a hassle to carry along when they ride since umbrellas keep their hands busy. It will also be a hassle to fold and unfold the umbrella every time park-goers enter or exit an area. Finally, park-goers with long umbrellas may poke or bump one another on crowded paths.

Poncho Pro’s

Ponchos are lightweight and portable, making them a more convenient option than umbrellas due to their portability. Ponchos are not only helpful in protecting against rain. Park-goers can also use them to cover strollers and mobility devices and protect against cold. 

Poncho Con’s

The most common poncho is disposable, and it is not environmentally friendly. Additionally, some ponchos do not fit properly, which decreases their protection. After the rain, park-goers who also use ponchos will have trouble handling them. In addition, it is a hassle to put on and take off when entering the indoor spaces at parks.

Final Thoughts:

Disney World’s Umbrella Policy allows park-goers to bring umbrellas and ponchos for protection against the sun and the rain. However, umbrellas are not allowed on rides.

Don’t forget to check out Disney World’s Rain Policy if you are wondering if rides continue if it rains heavily.

In general, it is up to you to decide what type of rain gear to bring to the park. I suggest you do bring rain there though because Orlando weather is unpredictable.

Ponchos are a practical option since they are lightweight and can be worn on rides. If you’re traveling with others, umbrellas can also offer protection from the rain for more than one person.

I hope this post keeps you dry if it rains when you’re navigating through any of WDW parks.

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