Universal Studios Knife Policy

Would you like to bring a knife into the park to cut food but are unsure if knives are permitted. If you always carry a concealed knife, can you bring it for personal protection? Can I bring my pocket knife to the park? Can Universal Studios detect knives? Is it okay to bring plastic knives and forks to the park to eat with? In this post, we will address all of these questions.

In this post, we cover:

  •  01. What Is Universal Studios Orlando’s Knife Policy
  •  02. What Are the Methods Universal Studios Use to Detect Knives
  •  03. Is It Okay to Bring Plastic Knives into the Park to Cut My Food
  •  04. Is It Okay for Me to Bring a Pocket Knife
  •  05. What Happens If I Get Caught with a Knife
  •  06. Is There a Metal Detector at Universal Studios

Let’s dive in:

1. What Is Universal Studios Orlando’s Knife Policy?

Universal Studios Orlando does not allow knives of any kind into the park. The policy is in place to ensure the safety of all guests.

2. What Are the Methods Universal Studios Use to Detect Knives?

Universal Studios uses various methods to detect knives, including metal detectors and bag checks at the entrance to the park. Universal Studios will not let you through the gates if a metal detector goes off or they see a knife in your bag. Universal Studios employees also reserve the right to check any bags before entering rides and attractions, including Harry Potter World’s Forbidden Journey ride and Universal Studio’s Escape from Gringotts Bank ride. Universal Studios Orlando also reserves the right to check bags at random, so don’t think you can hide your knife in your bag and go undetected.

3. Is It Okay to Bring Plastic Knives into the Park to Cut My Food?

You can bring plastic knives into Universal Studios Park if you have dietary requirements and need them to slice up your food. However, sharpened knives will not be allowed. In contrast, they frown upon bringing in lots of plastic forks and knives because you can only bring in small snacks into the park, not much food, so if you follow their food policy, you shouldn’t need all that many forks and knives.

4. Is It Okay for Me to Bring a Pocket Knife?

Universal Studios does not have a specific policy regarding pocket knives. However, in some forums, I have seen that some people believe that taking pocket knives into the park is allowed so long as they are securely closed and sheathed.

The official policy states that knives of any kind are not allowed, so I would not rely on forum gossip.

The weapons policy suggests that pocket knives cannot be brought into the park even if they are secured close and heated.

5. What Happens If I Get Caught with a Knife?

If you are caught with a knife in Universal Studios Orlando, you will immediately be asked to take it out of the park. Universal Studios Orlando has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to weapons of any kind and will not allow you into the park if you are carrying a weapon or anything that could resemble one.

6. Is There a Metal Detector at Universal Studios?

Universal Studios does have metal detectors to detect weapons and knives, so don’t bother trying to get a knife past entrance security.


Universal Studios Knife Policy prohibits any knives of any kind from being brought into the park. You will be asked to leave if you are found with a knife. Universal Studio uses metal detectors and bag checks to detect knives. Universal Studios allows plastic knives if you have specific dietary requirements as long as they are not sharpened.

I hope these posts helped answer all your knife-related questions. And my top tip is, cut your food before bringing it to the park, so you don’t need to worry about knives!

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