Splash Mountain | Ride Questions and Answers

What is Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain is a log flume attraction inspired by the cartoon moments of Walt Disney’s 1946 film Song of the South. There are subtle differences between the three attractions. However, each installation begins with a float-through from the outside that moves into the dark ride elements on the inside. At the end of the ride, you will descend steeply into a “briar patch” and finish indoors.

Where Is Splash Mountain located?

Splash Mountain is located in three parks. One in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, one in Disneyland in California, and another in Tokyo Disneyland. The Splash Mountain Attractions in Disneyland (California) and Tokyo Disneyland are located in the parks’ Critter Country section. The Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom is located in the Frontierland section of the park.

Is Splash Mountain Safe?

Splash Mountain is a safe attraction as long as you abide by the safety rules. Unfortunately, there have been instances where people have slipped out of their boats and had to be rescued. For this reason, it is crucial to always listen to the Cast Member’s instructions and remain seated until the ride has completely stopped.

Dudley Do-Right Vs Splash Mountain?

Dudley Do-Right is a much tamer ride than Splash Mountain. It is based on the movie “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” and riders experience a simulated journey downriver. There are no big drops or water effects like you find on Splash Mountain. So, if you are looking for a milder ride, Dudley Do-Right is a better option. However, Splash Mountain is more popular because it’s better-themed.

How Far Is It from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain?

Space Mountain and Splash Mountain are about 0.4 miles or 0.64 kilometers. So if you’re planning to walk from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain, it will take about 9 to 10 minutes.

Can Splash Mountain Be Saved?

The regular refurbishment of Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will last until January 10, 2022. It is expected to reopen a month later, on February 11, 2022.

Why Does Splash Mountain Always Break Down?

Splash Mountain is a trendy attraction, and it often breaks down because of the high number of guests it accommodates. It’s one of the most popular rides in the park, and people often stand in line for hours to ride it, so there are constantly people on the ride. Unfortunately, this also means that many people are disappointed when it breaks down.

Why Can’t You Ride Splash Mountain While Pregnant?

It is worth noting that traveling up some hills can induce contractions that may be harmful to the baby, which Splash Mountain has. For these reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to ride Splash Mountain.

How Big Is the Drop on Splash Mountain?

The drop on Splash Mountain is 50 feet or 15.2 meters. Riders experience a free-fall sensation as they travel down the five-story mountain. The final drop is the biggest and most thrilling part of the ride. So, if you’re looking for a big thrill, be sure to ride Splash Mountain!

How Many Drops Does Splash Mountain Have?

There are five drops in Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom, three drops in Splash Mountain in Disneyland in Anaheim, and four in Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland.

What Song Do They Sing on Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain is based on the 1946 film Song of the South, and it’s the song they sing throughout the ride.

How Much Are Splash Mountain Pictures?

The cost of a single photo from the Splash Mountain photos is $14.95 – $16.95 plus tax, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. If you pre-order Memory Maker through this link, it is $149 plus tax, and you will receive unlimited access to attractions, dining, and Photopass photos of yourself.

How Many G’s on Splash Mountain?

You’ll experience forces up to 3.7 G’s, more than twice the force of gravity at the Earth’s surface. But, curiously, that’s not tops at Walt Disney World; the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster subjects riders to a (temporary!) 4.5 G force.

Where Is the Fox Disguise on Splash Mountain?

The fox disguise can be seen on a rock in the secondary Geyser Grotto waterfall. It’s located to the right of the significant drop at the end of the ride. Look closely, and you’ll see Brer Fox wearing his disguise as he tries to catch Brer Rabbit.

Which Splash Mountain Has the Biggest Drop?

You can find the biggest drop on Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland. The other two Splash Mountains have drops that are five stories high.

Which Park Is Splash Mountain In?

Splash Mountain is located in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Disneyland in California, and Tokyo Disneyland.

Is Splash Mountain Dangerous?

No, Splash Mountain is not dangerous. It is a thrilling ride, but it is safe. Some sensors stop the ride if there is a problem and the drop is not too high.

Can You Fall Out of Splash Mountain?

No, you cannot fall off of Splash Mountain. However, if the ride encounters an unforeseen problem, some sensors trigger it to come to a halt, and the drop is not too steep.

Does Disney Paris Have Splash Mountain?

No, Disney Paris does not have Splash Mountain. It is located only in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Disneyland in California, and Tokyo Disneyland.

How Many Seats on Splash Mountain?

There are a total of 482 seats on Splash Mountain. This number includes both the Disneyland and Anaheim versions of the ride. The log seats six persons, providing a maximum hourly capacity of around 1,500 people per hour after a rebranding in 2005.

How Much Is Splash Mountain Ocean City?

The price of Splash Mountain at Ocean City is $49.99 for General Admission, $26.99 for kids under 42, and $28.99 for seniors ages 65+.

Which Splash Mountain Is Better?

For most people, the Splash Mountain at Disneyland is superior. The music is more energetic, and the overall mood is brighter. In addition, because it consistently has a huge crowd of individuals on the Disney Channel Tower with no lines for Splash Mountain, most people always get better photos here.

Why Is Splash Mountain Not Getting a Retheme?

Disney’s Imagineers always work on projects behind the scenes, but they do not usually reveal their plans to the public. It has something to do with the technical aspects of safety regulations. Nevertheless, we’re sure this ride will continue to be loved for years and years!

How High Is Splash Mountain?

The height of Splash Mountain is 48.5 feet, including both the Disneyland and Anaheim versions of the ride. The drops are five stories high.

What Does Splash Mountain Have to Do with Racism?

Splash Mountain, which opened in 1998, is based on the 1946 Disney film Song of the South, which some people consider racist. The movie portrays Uncle Remus performing songs for a white city kid about talking animals in Song of the South.

Does Splash Mountain Have a Single Rider Line?

Splash Mountain has no single rider line. However, some rides at Disneyland in California offer such.

What Is the New Splash Mountain Going to Look Like?

Disney has not revealed the fate of Splash Mountain. Therefore, we are unsure if they will be re-doing it in the future or if they plan on adding a new ride nearby to take its place.

What Is the Theme of Splash Mountain?

The theme of Splash Mountain at The Magic Kingdom is that you and your friends are living a comedy-adventure-type story. The Log Flume transports you to the Laughin’ Place for fun and laughter like Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Papa Bear, and Jelly Roll, who sing songs about Brer Rabbit’s escapades in the briar patch. The main song is Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

What Is the Height Requirement for Splash Mountain?

The height requirement for Splash Mountain is 40 inches, and this number includes both the Disneyland and Anaheim versions of the ride. The drops are five stories high.

Where Can I Buy Splash Mountain Merchandise?

The Splash Mountain merchandise is sold in Disney World at the following theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney. Further, you can find splash Mountain merchandise at Disneyland in California. Or, you can buy items on the ride or visit a retail store like WonderGround Gallery to purchase them.

Which Splash Mountain Opened First?

Splash Mountain at Disneyland in California opened first on July 17, 1989. The two other Splash Mountain rides at Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom opened later on October 1 and 2, 1992.

My Thoughts on this Ride

Splash Mountain is an awesome water ride. The drops are fun but you will get wet on this ride so bring a poncho if you want to keep dry. If you are not a fan of water rides you can just from lots of different rides in my Disney world rides list.

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