Disney World Tickets: The Best Places to Buy Tickets Online and Offline

It can be overwhelming to plan your first trip to Disney World. Therefore, it is essential to consider getting the Disney park tickets you need when planning your first trip to Disney World.

You obviously can buy Disney tickets online, but you might not want to buy online and want to know where you can pick up tickets offline.

The ticket costs can add up quickly, and if you aren’t careful, you might end up spending more than you intended or even get scammed.

In this article, I will share all the locations where you can buy tickets. I’ll also include where to get discounted Disney World tickets to save money. And I’ll also share tips on avoiding scams as you search for tickets.

In this Article:

  •  01. Where to Buy Disney World Tickets
  •  02. Best Places to Buy and Why
  •  03. Ticket Discounts
  •  04. Tips to Prevent Getting Scammed

01. Where to Buy Disney World Tickets?

The obvious place you can buy Disney World tickets is at disneyworld.com. or through the Disneys mobile app. But here are five alternative places where you can buy Disney World Tickets.

They are:

Discount Tickets Sites

Discount ticket websites such as Undercover Tourist and Orlando Fun Tickets offer great discounts on Disney World tickets. These sites sell authentic, Disney-priced tickets – you have to find them!

Authorized Resellers Include:

  • UndercoverTourist.com
  • OfficialTicketCenter.com
  • kgstickets.com
  • MapleLeafTickets.com
  • OrlandoFunTickets.com
  • BoardwalkTicketing.com
  • ParkSavers.com
  • orlandofuntickets.com


Costco always has discounted Disney World tickets. However, Costco membership is required to purchase them, and they are generally only available in the off-season months (meaning you will need to plan ahead of time!).

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is another excellent place to find discounted Disney World tickets. Membership is required, and the prices are better in bulk, so it might be a good option if you need multiple tickets for your family or friends.


Many people forget that their local AAA has discounted Disney World tickets! The prices are pretty good, but you will need to plan – the best savings come in the off-season.

Official Ticket Center

The Official Ticket Center is another authorized reseller of Disney World tickets. They offer great discounts online and at their ticket center in Orlando (though they can sell out online).

02. Best Places to Buy and Why

There are many locations to purchase Disney World tickets, but the following two websites have the best deals, in my opinion. Here’s why.

Undercover Tourist 

As an authorized reseller, UndercoverTourist.com offers great deals on Disney World tickets all year round. This site is handy if you want to buy tickets for a holiday or special event – since you often save up to 25%, you are likely to have more money for your vacation if you buy early.

website: undercovertourist.com

Official Ticket Center

The Official Ticket Center is another excellent place to find Disney World tickets. You can find discounts online and at their ticket center in Orlando, FL (though they tend to sell out quickly online). They offer excellent service, and while prices are slightly higher than Undercover Tourists, you will not need to worry about finding a reputable seller (or paying shipping costs).

website: OfficialTicketCenter.com

03. Ticket Discounts

Disney offers discounts for various reasons, including advance purchase, being a Florida resident, being a military member, or being a part of certain groups or organizations.

Military Personnel

If you are in the military and are planning to bring you and your family on a trip to Disney World, Disney will give you a discount. Children under 12 and adults over 62 (and their spouses) can receive 10% off the purchase of select Disney World tickets. This is a great way to see if you qualify for other discounts, but be sure you are aware that a military ID is required at the time of ticket pick-up.

Florida Residents

If you reside in Florida, you’re in luck! Disney offers significant discounts to their home state residents. Unfortunately, this discount is only available at the theme park ticket windows and does not include Annual Passes.

Disney Employees

If you know a Disney employee or are a Disney employee, you can receive discounted tickets for yourself and up to 3 guests. You must purchase theme park tickets at the ticket windows in person.


The American Automobile Association offers discounts on select Disney World tickets for members of their organization. Unfortunately, this discount is not available online, so remember to ask when you are at the theme park ticket windows.

The Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club is part of DVC, which offers members discounts on select Disney World tickets. You can get this discount online or at the ticket windows of theme parks. You must be a member for at least one day to receive this discount – you can sign up for this Club at your Disney resort.

Florida Teacher Discounts

If you are a Florida teacher, you can receive discounted tickets for yourself and your family at the theme park ticket windows – be prepared to show proof of employment.

Disney Silver Pass

If you are a Florida resident and have been to Disney World at least once in the past five years, you can purchase a discounted Silver Pass. This pass allows you to visit every year on any non-peak day during January – May or September – December. You will also receive 50% off many of the resort amenities. There is a limited amount of Silver Passes, so book in advance if you decide to purchase one.

Annual Pass Discounts

Disney World offers excellent discounts on annual passes, and with their Premium and Platinum passes, you’ll be able to visit often for less than $10 per visit if purchased monthly with no block-out dates. However, annual Passes must be purchased before your trip to Disney World, so make sure you consider this option carefully.

04. Tips to Prevent Getting Scammed

  • Don’t buy your tickets from a third party unless you have thoroughly researched the seller and know they are reputable.
  • Check with Disney before booking if you have any doubts about availability or pricing.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets from scalpers. They usually charge more for their tickets than what they cost at the gate.
  • Research ticket prices on Walt Disney World’s website and an outside provider. These details will help you understand the different price ranges.
  • Call Disney or go online to find out what discounts are available that fit your needs before booking through a third party.
  • Remember, you can always wait until your trip to purchase tickets. If you’re not in a rush, it’s best to do so. You never know if Disney World will offer an extra discount or if some unexpected expense will

Final Thoughts:

With this article, you now have a better idea of where to find Disney World tickets. Buying in advance is always a great way to save money, so plan and consider purchasing your tickets online in advance – be sure to follow the tips I’ve given here so that you can protect yourself from getting scammed.

My name is Olivia Smitherman. I’m a travel writer and theme park enthusiast! Florida has some of the best theme parks in the world. I love them all. Each time I visit a theme park, I gather tips and advice that I share with you, my readers. See my bio for more information about me.