Legoland Birthday Packages

If you want to do something special for your kid’s birthday this year LEGOLAND park is the perfect place to go!

Located a few miles outside Orlando, Florida this children’s theme park is sure to excite your kid on their birthday. 

There are so many rides and attractions for your kids. Even the hotels are LEGO themed and made for fun. If you want to make your kid’s birthday extra special, keep reading and see what LEGOLAND has to offer for you and the birthday child.

Ideas For Planning The Perfect Legoland Birthday

LEGOLAND Florida has much to offer your birthday boy or girl as they celebrate their special day. Start by grabbing a birthday button at the ticket window at the entrance to show off for the day around the park.

Next, go have some fun! There is so much to do at LEGOLAND Florida that is sure to make your kid have the best birthday ever.

LEGOLAND offers:

  • Roller coasters for kids and adults.
  • Water rides (LEGOLAND water park is only open during certain times of the year).
  • Kids rides for the younger children.
  • Trains, cars, tractors, and boat rides to drive around in.
  • Tot spot and indoor LEGO activity room (there’s a separate area for those under the age of 2).
  • Play and learning centers where kids can have fun while learning something new.
  • Pools and water fun in the LEGOLAND waterpark.
  • Shows on stage set at certain times of the day
  • Seasonal events like trick-or-treating around Halloween time.
  • And more activites.

It’s party time and there is a lot to do, and a lot of fun to be had as you explore your way across LEGOLAND. With all the rides and games your kids will be busy for hours.

Making The Most Of Your LEGOLAND Birthday

Take their birthday to the next level with a VIP Experience bundle and make their birthday that much better. There are 3 levels to VIP and prices range from $300-$700.

You get a personal host for the day, as well as an exclusive tour, reserved seating at shows, and more. Also, this is going t be a memorable day. The VIP packages help preserve that by taking family photos. On top of it all, you get mini figurines and a souvenir lanyard included. These photos and souvenirs will help ensure you remember this day for the rest of your life.

The VIP packages also offer refreshments, meal plans, and additional food depending on the package. Let the birthday child spend more time having fun to the maximum capacity rather than waiting in line to eat.

The valet parking and LEGOLAND Florida VIP gift bag for each kid are all aimed toward making your family vacation easier and more enjoyable. 

LEGOLAND Hotel Party

Take the party back to the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel hotel with the LEGOLAND birthday dinner package. This dinner package is available from both the LEGOLAND Hotel and the Beach Resort, both located right next to the theme park. Ask for this while you are booking a room and you’ll receive an email confirmation for your private party.

The birthday day package is a LEGO themed party and includes wearing a birthday crown and badge. You will also receive a birthday card from the restaurant. But the fun comes with a LEGO birthday gift set and a birthday cake. The entire party is in a price LEGO-themed party room that your kids are sure to love.

Spend as much time as you want in the party room. After celebrating you are given a S’mores kit to roast at the fire pit. 

The party guests for the package is 2 adults and 3 kids, but you can invite other guests to the birthday party. While they can party with you, additional guest meals won’t be included in the package. The additional food for larger parties will be separate. 

The hotels also have a nightly treasue hunt. While it’s not specifically for birthdays, it will still be a lot of fun for the kids. 

The birthday party packages in the private LEGO-themed party room are a great end to a great day at LEGOLAND.

More LEGOLAND Birthday Fun Information

You can book a room and ticket at the LEGOLAND website. Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation and receipt. There should be additional information for party booking, maximum party size for larger parties, and additional party favors. 

Here is some additional LEGOLAND Florida birthday info:

  • There is no age restrictions for any LEGOLAND Florida party packages.
  • There is also not much customization you can do with the packages. It is made for LEGOs only. 
  • There are no weather restrictions as the party room is indoors. However, weather could affect LEGOLAND theme park.
  • The birthday dinner is provided by the hotel restaurants. The availability comes with the room you book. Book a room in advance before leaving for your trip to make sure a room is available and reserved for you.
  • LEGOLAND Florida offers a military discount for you and 5 other guests. This is for the park tickets only, not for the birthday dinner package, but it can still help.
  • LEGOLAND Florida offers vegan-friendly restaurants and meals. You can enjoy a nice birthday regardless of your dietary restrictions.

Final Thoughts

LEGOLAND is an incredible place for you kids to enjoy their birthday. The rides, food, and family fun, is the perfect way to share a family vacation and make the day extra special.

You can also go for the VIP experiences to make the day a little more enjoyable, but it comes at a pretty high additional cost. 

The LEGOLAND Resort and Beach Hotel both have LEGOLAND birthday packages available that include a meal, gifts, cake, and S’mores. This is all done in a LEGO-themed birthday party room. The hotels also have treasure hunts for the kids each night for some additional activities.

Overall, if you want to give your child the perfect birthday, you can’t go wrong going to LEGOLAND.