Disney Blizzard Beach Map 2022

Most people visit Blizzard beach with their families or in a group. A map is a great way to familiarize yourself with the layout of the waterpark and a useful tool if you have a designated meet-up location in case you or a loved one gets separated. Disney’s Blizzard beach map can be found below by clicking any of the buttons.

Disney Blizzard Beach Map in Detail

Listed below are descriptions and directions to each of the attractions, dining locations and shopping areas listed on the Disney’s Blizzard Beach Map. Alternatively, follow these links to download the Disney World Florida map, or the other water park, the Disney Typhoon Lagoon map located inside of Disney World.


1. Melt-Away Bay

Walt Disney World’s BoardWalk Resort has a lobby that Relax on the shores of this once-acre wave pool by flopping on the gentle waves.


To get to Melt-Away Bay from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, take a 15-minute walk or 0.7 miles.

2. Cross Country Creek

There’s no better place to rest from all the hectic activity than this tube. The park has many entrances and exits along the way, so you have the option to float around the entire area or stop off at one of them.


It is 0.4 miles, or seven minutes, away from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

3. Ski Patrol Training Camp

Featuring intermediate slides and tricky obstacles, this play area is sure to challenge you.


It is only 207 feet from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Entrance to reach Ski Patrol Training Camp, a one-minute walk.

4. Tike’s Peak

A great place for kids under four feet, this playland offers swimming activities and small slides.


Just 207 feet or one minute from Disney’s Blizzard Beach entrance.

Green Slopes

5. Summit Plummet

Experience one of the fastest and tallest freefall body slides in the world, Mount Gushmore.


The Summit Plummet is located 0.4 miles or seven minutes by foot from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

6. Slush Gusher

This high-speed, 90-foot body slide will have you screaming at the top of your lungs.


Approximately 0.2 miles from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, it’s a five-minute walk.

7. Teamboat Springs

With a group of six people, experience one of the longest water raft rides on earth.


Steamboat Springs is a minute’s walk or 207 feet from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Entrance.

8. Chairlift

Enjoy a relaxing ride to Mount Gushmore’s highest point, from which you can reach Slush Gusher, Summit Plummet, and Teamboat Springs. Afterwards, you can take a walk down Mount Gushmore or ride down via one of its attractions. No loose items, drinks, or food are allowed on Mount Gushmore.


Purple Slopes

9. Toboggan Racers

At these hilly slopes, pick up your mat at the top and go racing with friends on it.


Toboggan Racers is just a seven-minute walk or 0.4 miles from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

10. Snow Stormers

You’ll be taking on twists and curves as you navigate the mountainside on these waterslides. You can pick up mats at the top.


From Disney’s Blizzard Beach Entrance, it’s a 207 foot walk or one minute walk.

11. Downhill Double Dipper

Charge down a tube slide side by side with your opponent while you race the clock.


The walk from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park to Downhill Double Dipper is 0.4 miles or seven minutes.

Red Slopes

12. Runoff Rapids

You can race down any of the three twisting slides in an inner tube.


Runoff Rapids is located 207 feet from Disney’s Blizzard Beach entrance. A one-minute walk will take you there.


13. Lottawatta Lodge

There is a great selection of rice bowls, burgers, flatbreads, vegan meals, and kid’s meals at this restaurant. It also offers drink refills.


From Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park you will have to walk 13 minutes or 0.7 miles.

14. Cooling Hut

The Cooling Hut offers snacks such as fresh fruit, popcorn, ice cream, and beverage refill stations.


There is a 14-minute walk from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park to Cooling Hut, covering 0.7 miles.

15. Frostbite Freddy’s

Choose from a variety of loaded nachos, ice cream, frozen beverages, cheese fondue, and adult beverages to take out or dine-in.


It takes 15 minutes to walk 0.7 miles from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park to Frostbite Freddy’s.

16. Arctic Expeditions

Full bar serving adult beverages. Seasonal opening.


17. Avalunch

Take out or eat in salads or hotdogs, and you can top your snack with a refill of a beverage.


It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park from this restaurant.

18. I.C. Expeditions

This is home to ice cream novelties, soft serve ice cream and the famous  Sand Pail ice cream sundae. Take out your orders or dine-in.


The entrance to Disney’s Blizzard Beach is one minute’s walk or 207 feet away from I.C. Expedition.

19. Warming Hut

You can fill your tummies with delicious turkey legs, sandwiches, salads and ice cream. Seating is available.


It takes 14 minutes to walk 0.7 miles to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park from Warming Hut.

20. Polar Pub

A full-service bar serving refreshing cocktails like the Blue Blizzard, Pi*a Colava, and draft or bottled brews.


Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is 0.7 miles or 14 minutes walk from Polar Pub.


21. Beach Haus

In Beach Haus, you can rent towels and umbrellas, purchase Polar Patio, Sun Shades by Sunglass Hut, and more beach essentials.


The Beach Haus is only eight minutes or 0.4 miles from Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

22. Sand Breakers

Havaianas footwear is available at Sand Breakers.


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