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ParkTourist tries really hard to make sure everything we write is useful and original. Since there are so many blogs covering the same theme parks, it’s easy to write similar sentences or paragraphs to other bloggers covering the same topics. This is why we use copyscape and grammarly to ensure our content is unique and is not accidently plagarizing other bloggers’ content. 

We are also very careful about the images we use on ParkTourist. Images used were taken from pictures and videos as we toured the parks. If we use an image found online, we always attribute the owner of that image. We also buy photos from 

Despite our efforts, it’s impossible to be perfect. Fill out the form below if you feel a piece of content or image is similar to your blogs. We will investigate and will contact you within 24 hours. 

Theme Park Facts

As we write about theme parks, their policies constantly change. ParkTourist tries to stay on top of all these changes to policy, rides and parks. Please use the following form if you happen to find information that is no longer factual. 

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